Mon. Sep 27th, 2021


Increase in price of Bread has been blamed on the existing inflation in the Country.

Speaking to BCA busienss news a Master Baker Mr. Emeka Nwodu identified the major issues to include the high costs of ingredients used in baking and maintenance of baking machines.

According to him a bag of flour that sold at twelve thousand naira is now between fifteen thousand naira and sixteen thousand naira,a bag of sugar sold at fourteen thousand naira is now between twenty thousand naira and twenty-one thousand naira and same is the case for others such as butter, yeast and electricity tariff.

As part of efforts to boost the Nigerian digital economy, the National Information technology development agency has begun operation of the national Public key Infrastructure (PKI).

In a statement, head Corporate Affairs and external relations, Mrs. Hadiza Umar, said the national PKI would guarantee secure communication for all online services, provide security against unauthorized access and disclosure of stores information by addressing the fundamentals of Cyber Security.

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