Tue. Sep 28th, 2021


Quality population is panaceas to the  development of society, it was in recognitions of the critical role that quality population plays that the United nations in 1989 set aside July 11th every year as World Population day to address important issues relating to population including family planning, gender inequality, poverty, maternal health ,human rights among others.

 A reliable statistics shows that the realization of quality population are still for fetched in most developing Countries including Nigeria where maternal mortality, poverty, gender inequality, poverty, healthcare system and human rights violation are in alarming rate .

This Year’s celebration with the theme “rights and Choices are the answer highlights the need to prioritize the reproductive health and rights of all people regardless of shits in fertility rates.

How has Nigerian Government addressed the needs of its population.           . As The World marks this event there is the need for the Government to give adequate attention to its citizens through adequate healthcare, education, empowerment among others, while the citizens on their part should be mindful of the number of Children they give birth to in order to have a better society

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