Thu. Sep 29th, 2022



06;30         Opening Formalities

06:45        Aerobics

07:00        NTA News/Newspaper Headlines

08:05        Newspaper Headlines

10:00        Truth of the Matter

10:30        Living the life

11.00        Peoples’ Health

11:30        One Cubed Naija (CBN)

12.00        News at Noon

12:20        Akuko Uwa

01:00        Sports Highlight

02:00        Musical (Cultural)

02:30        Vision Link (Sponsored)

03:00        News in Brief

05;30        Movies     

05:03        Nchikota Akuko

05:05        Intervention Hour (Sponsored)

05:30        Musicals.

06:00        Leadership Forum

07:00        BCA Major News

07:30        Akuko Uwa

08:00        Victory Today (Sponsored)

08:30        Assembly This Week.

09:00        NTA Network News

10:00        Foreign Movie

11:55        News Summary

11:58        Closing Formalities

12:00        Close Down



An hour sports programme which captures all the actions in the Sporting World. Attention is given to grassroot sports. It grants provision for audience participation depending on the issues/actions in focus.

NYSC TODAY 4.30 pm – 5pm

This Programme is designed to highlight the activities of Corps members in the State. It is segmented, as it has discussion, drama, tit-bits and personality profile. Their Community development projects are displayed here to encourage other Corps members to work hard.

YOU AND THE LAW 5:30 – 6:00PM

This is a programme to encourage human rights and privileges in the society.  It is an opportunity where a learned gentleman comes on air to explain the rights and privileges of citizens and general knowledge of the law.

LEADERSHIP FORUM 6.00pm – 7.00pm

This programme show-cases personalities in leadership positions in order to elicit their views, on a wide range of issues eg:-

  1. To shed light on the activities of their establishments.
  2. To highlight their achievements so far.
  3. To inform the people of proposed policies and programmes and their benefits to the masses.
  4. To highlight problems and areas of need and
  5. To address critical issues which bother the masses

LET’S TALK 5.30pm – 6pm

This is magazine talk show with musical embellishment to entertain the audience. The programme is aimed at sharing ideas on different topics that affect life in the society, with special emphasis on the youths. It will feature a live audience some of whose members are expected to ask questions or make contributions/observations on the topic handled. A moderator anchors the programme to ensure there is a smooth transition between the segments.