Thu. Sep 29th, 2022



06:30     Opening Formalities

06:45     Aerobics

07:00     NTA News

08:00     News Digest

08:05     Zion Train on Culture

09:00     Arts Club

10:05     Voice of Deliverance

11.30     Kiddies Rendezvous

11:30     The Farmer

12.00     News at Noon

12.20     Akuko Uwa

12.30     Ogbako Umuaka

01.00     The Professionals

02.00     The Classroom

02:30     Soul Tonic

03:00     Circle of Interest

O3:30    Documentary

04:00     BCA Tv Sports

05:30     Assembly This Week

06:00     Family Mirror

07:00     BCA Major News

07:30     Akuko Uwa

08:00     Hossanna ½ Hour

08:30     Heavenly Way ½ Hour

09:00     NTA Network News

10.05     Movies

12:00               Close Down


BCA TV SPORTS:-(MAGAZINE) 4.00 pm – 6pm.

It deals with sports of all kinds; local, national and international, with experts and professionals, discussing sports issues of the moment.

MAJOR NEWS:  7.00 P.M.

This is a (Grade A) broadcasting of the corporation that highlights government’s activities, programmes and policies as well as serves as a feedback to the government. It also encompasses the general events in the society, current mood and happenings. It serves as a scanning/surveillance of the environment, societal mirror, and cultural transmission agenda setting and general review of contemporary issues.


It is meant for professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists, Engineers, Architects etc.  The programme gives participants the opportunity to propagate the ideology of their trades.  It is also designed to provide guidance and counseling for our youths on their choice of career.  Note: It has potentials for sponsorship.


This is a musical programme that features different choraaalll groups ttthaaat sing soul – inspiring songs.  Presentation is in English language.


Family Mirror is an hour programme designed for married couples.  It is geared towards inquiring to know such factors that make married couples enjoy, endure, persevere and maintain peaceful serene homes.  It peeps into the power of sustenance of the marriage in course of many years of being together. The programme imploys features like quiz, competitions, cooking, puzzle solving etc to solicit the above variables.  It will inform, educate, and entertain the viewers from these various angles.

THE CLASSROOM: 5.30p.m. – 6.00,

The classroom is an educational broadcast programme on Television featuring teaching and learning of secondary school suspecta as approved in the current curriculum. It seeks to expose our youths to proper learning ethics. It is conducted in government approved public/private secondary schools.