Thu. Sep 29th, 2022



06:30         Opening Formalities

06:45          Aerobics

07:00         NTA News/Newspaper Headlines

08:00         News Digest

08:05         Newspaper Headlines

10:00         The Drum

11:00         Documentary

12:00         News at Noon

12:20         Akuko Uwa

12:45         Musical/Programme Promotion

01:00         Tv Fans Zone

02:30         Mid-Week Grill

03:00         Musical Reggae

03:30         Documentary

05:30         Women’s World

04:00         Children Cartoon Film

04:30         Kiddies Rendezvous

05:00         News in Brief

05:03         Nchikota Akuko

05.05        you Were There (CBN Exchange)

05.30        Ezi N”ulo

06.00        Intervention Hour (Sponsored)

06..30       Halleluiah ½ Hour

07.00        B.C.A. Major News

07.30        Akuko Uwa

08.00        Focal Point, Live

08.30        ½ Hour Unique  Ministry

09.00        N.T.A Network News

10.00        Foreign Film

11.55        News Summary

11.58        Closing Formalities

12.00        Close Down


MIDWEEK GRILL:-1.30 – 2pm.

The programme is aimed at popping up the mid-week with a mixed grill of entertainment and educative topics. it is segmented to appeal to all cadre of people. It cuts across both the young and old as their interests are fully accommodated.

SECURITY THIS WEEK: 3.05 – 3.30pm

This is a 30 minutes programme introduced to talk about security matters in and around Abia State. Security Chiefs will be anchored to talk on the security situations in the State with video clips at the background during discussion.


A pot-purri of kiddies activities.  A kid presenter anchors, calling on colleagues to play, sing or read poems, recitation etc. It is kiddies magazine delight.


The whole programme idea is centered on women. It would aim at embracing the totality of the women. The programme will also expose women’s world and help to find out what makes her tick, her likes and dislikes, the challenges she faces as a lady, wife and mother, It will also take a look at her roles and responsibility to her family, community and society at large.

FOCAL POINT LIVE 8.00pm – 9pm.

It is a phone-in audience participatory/ interactive programme. Focus is always on  happenings that affect the society and their solutions are suggested.

THE DRUM 9:00 -10:00AM:

The Drum” is a discussion programme on Current Affairs, discussing events as they happen.  From the name, it implies a sounding out on issues of the moment; spots; entertainment, education; health, politics, agriculture, oil and gas etc. The drum brings you face to face with the news makers in the society.


This is equally a magazine programme, featuring the type of  sports including foot ball, athletics, wrestling and even indoor games. It is always a  summary of all sporting activities accommodated within the said hour.