Mon. May 10th, 2021

EU drug regulator: Unusual blood clot is ‘very rare AstraZeneca side effect’

In this file photo, a vial containing the COVID-19 vaccine by AstraZeneca and a syringe are seen on a table. AFP

The EU’s medicines regulator says unusual blood clots should be listed as a very rare side effect of the Astrazeneca vaccine for Covid-19.

            Reports say after a study looking at sixty eight European cases, the EU Medicines Agency (EMA) concluded the benefits of the Vaccine outweighed the risk.

According to report, the report reflected data on twenty five million Europeans administered with the jab.

The EMA could not list specific risk factors such as age or gender, but most blood clot cases were women under sixty.

Correspondents report say separately, the UK’s Vaccine advisory blood said that under thirties there were to be offered an alternative jab to Astrazeneca due to the blood clots issue.

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