Mon. May 10th, 2021

NSF 2020: Kaduna Beat Edo to Win T20 Cricket Gold

A photo of players in action during the game.

The impressive Edo State Cricket team finally got beaten today by Kaduna State in the final of the T20 Cricket event at Adolor venue.

The T20 event final encounter had Edo batting first and surprisingly, for the first time in the competition, the hosts’ batsmen were taken out in quick sessions.

The play motivated Kaduna captain, Sylvester Okpe while his rival, Peter Aho was under pressure to deliver the 4th finals victory against Kaduna in recent cricket history.

Edo big names such as Eghosa Destiny who played with an injured hand, and Selim Saliau all failed to turn up, scoring an unimpressive 50 runs all out in 14.1 overs (6 legal ball delivery).

Kaduna doubled their efforts in the second innings to attack Edo tired bowlers. The Okpe brothers, Isaac and Danladi all went for the opportunity to revenge Edo previous history of winning them at four different finals.

It was an humbling experience for Team Edo who have enjoyed good victories, especially in final games. Captain of the team, Peter Aho described the defeat as unfortunate.

“We were unlucky, they played better and batted well. I think if we had scored more runs we could have had the opportunity of winning today.”

Team Kaduna captain, Isaac Okpe was voted the Most Valuable Player and he is excited they broke the jinx on Edo grass wicket.

“We thank God for the victory. It was actually teamwork and we played to enjoy ourselves today,” he said.

“Victory started when we saw the pressure on Edo guys. We just know if we continue like that we will prevail. We did. Edo are really good guys but today wasn’t their day.”

In the third-place match, Lagos State defeated the Kwara team by 2 wickets to pick bronze. Sesan Adedeji won the MVP award.

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