Mon. May 10th, 2021

International Mother Earth Day.

Gov. Okezie-Victor-Ikpeazu

Gov. Okezie-Victor-Ikpeazu

The Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has called on all to heed to this year’s theme of International Mother Earth Day “Restore our Earth” celebrated every 22nd of April by imbibing sustainable procedures in the manufacturing and application of Goods we consume.      

In a series of tweets on the event, Governor Ikpeazu maintained that people can reverse the assault on mother earth by changing the way they live to avoid future generations suffering unimaginable consequences.

The Governor noted that God created man and put him in a garden with an injunction to care for the garden and regretted that man has failed by plunging the mother earth and the beautiful singing seas which account for over sixty percent of the planet having been polluted and its livestock largely extinguished.

The State Chief executive expressed concern that same is applicable to the soil and the air, pointing out that it has gotten so bad that people can no longer manage the waste generated while the tragedy is now fighting back on humanity.

He called for a total change of attitude to mother earth to restore its glory.

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