Tue. Jul 26th, 2022

UN Secretary General.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has called for a ceasefire in Ukraine ahead of talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Guterres who made the call during discussions with Russian Foreign Minster, Sergei Lavrov described his interactions as Frank and insisted he would be visiting Moscow as a “messenger of Peace”.

The meeting came after Russian Foreign Minister had warned of a “real” threat of World War Three breaking out following suspected western intervention in the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, Defence Ministers from Nato and European Union countries have been meeting today at the United States’ airbase in Ram stein, South-west Germany, to discuss providing more support to Ukraine.

A major policy shift has also been announced by the German government, authorizing the supply of about fifty Gepard flakpanzer anti-aircraft tanks held in storage for the past decade.

Germany has long had a policy of not shipping heavy weaponry to conflict zones, but it’s government has come under increasing pressure to provide more help to Kyiv.

Making the announcement, the country’s’ Defence Minister, Christine Lambreeht, said Germany would “look into all possibilities on how it can further support Ukraine n it’s courageous and important fight for freedom and for peace”.

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