Sat. Apr 8th, 2023

PRAYER RETREAT.                   

Meanwhile the one-week annual prayer retreat of the Women’s Ministries of the Seventh Day Adventist Church has ended with a charge on women to desist from patronizing fake prophets and prayer houses.

The President, Eastern Nigeria Union Conference, Pastor Bassey Udoh of the Clifford University in Ihie, Isialangwa North Local Government Area, who stated this in a sermon said such prophets take advantage of the people’s vulnerability and situations to defraud and destroy their families.

He explained that God is disappointed by the obstinate disobedience to his commandments and prayerless life of most Christians, and reminded women of the need to depend solely on God for their success in life.

While assuring them that proper application of God’s word to their situations will bring the succor they seek, Pastor Udoh said God will surely reward their services to Him and humanity.

In their messages, the Director, Women’s Ministries, Eastern Nigeria Union Conference, Mrs. Gladys Nwokocha and the Abia North Conference Director, Mrs., Rose Ogba-ota, said the prayer retreat is an annual programme that brings the women in the sixteen Conferences of the Church in the Eastern part of Nigeria together to intercede for their families, the Church, Nigeria and the world at large, as well as help them evaluate their spiritual lives and growth in God.

In a lecture titled: ‘’Causes of Domestic Violence,’’, the former Women’s Ministries Director, Mrs. Comfort Abali, while enumerating causes of domestic violence to include, anger, drug addiction, emotional abuse, abusive words, lack of love and basic needs, noted that men have no justifiable reason to be violent against women, and advised women not to engage in acts that attract  violence in their homes.

Some participants at the prayer retreat with the theme: ‘’There is a Balm in Gilead’’, including Sister Chimeremeze Nwokeji, Queen Hope, Mrs. Nwanneka Oni and Mrs. Joy Uchendu of Abia North Conference  said the retreat  has rejuvenated them spiritually, and thanked God for the fulfilling experience.

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