Tue. Jul 26th, 2022


The State Chapter of the PDP says, it has observed that there is a deliberate, mischievous and dangerous misinformation going on in the State, suggesting that the use of the three-man Ad Hoc delegates in the conduct of the primary elections was contrived and executed solely in the state by the Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu and the State Party Chairman, Dr. Alwell Asiforo Okere.

A release endorsed by the State Vice Chairman and Acting Publicity Secretary of the party, Elder Amah Abraham said this misinformation is calculated to cause disaffection between the Governor and the noble citizens of the State, adding that it will not work.

According to the release it has become necessary, to clarify that the use of the three-man Ad Hoc delegates for the primary elections was derived from the substantive Electoral Act that is operational nationwide and was not imposed by the governor or any Party official in Abia , adding that neither the governor, the State Party Chairman nor the State Working Committee, SWC, has the constitutional powers to make electoral laws in any State of the federation except those that affect the conduct of Local Government elections.

The release called on failed politicians to look for ways to redeem their images rather than try to drag an honest man to the mud with themselves.

It stated that for the avoidance of doubt, the use of the three-man Ad Hoc delegate as prescribed by the Electoral Act was not peculiar to Abia as it was also adopted across the thirty-six States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

According to the release, the Electoral Act clearly stipulates that the three-man Ad Hoc delegates be used for the conduct of the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate and Gubernatorial primary elections while each National delegate from the seven hundred and seventy-four Local Government Areas in the Federation be used for the National Convention that produces the presidential candidate of the Party.

It stated that to show how empty the traducers are, they failed to realize that the use of the three-man Ad Hoc delegates was not peculiar to the PDP as other parties that had conducted their primary elections also used the three-man Ad Hoc delegates and wondered whether it was also Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu that foisted the use of the three-man Ad Hoc delegates on the other parties of which he is not a member.

The release added that this misinformation is certainly the handiwork of mischievous politicians who lost out in the recently concluded primary elections, explaining that If anybody should take the blame for the disenfranchisement of the Statutory delegates and others, it should be the members of the National Assembly who erroneously omitted the inclusion of Statutory delegates in the amended Electoral Act which was sent to the President for his assent.

It further states that rather than blame the Governor, those out-of-favour politicians, peddling the dangerous misinformation, should put the blame on the National Assembly, especially, one of its high ranking Principal Officers and a Senator from Abia, who made copious contributions on the floor of the Senate during the debate but failed to follow up with the accurate details forwarded to the President for assent.

The release called on the people of the State to disregard such spurious and unfounded allegations and join hands with the Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and the State leadership of the Party to build the State and make the PDP the party to beat in Abia.

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