Tue. Jul 26th, 2022

BCA Special Report

Recently Nigeria recorded twenty-one confirmed cases of monkey-pox with one fatality.

In this special report, Correspondent Ifeanyi Ogbonna takes a look at the monkey pox virus and how it can be prevented.

Monkey pox is a rare viral infection with symptoms such as fever, headache, body pain weakness, sore throat among other’s which can lead to death.

The virus which was first discovered in 1958, had the first human case infection in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and since then has been reported in several countries.

Although the natural reservoir of monkey pox has remained unknown, however African rodents and non-human primates like monkeys are suspected to harbor the virus.

The recent outbreak of monkey pox in more than twenty-eight countries across the world with over seventy-two deaths calls for concerted efforts through public health safety measures to check the spread, which is already in nine states of the country.

What is responsible for the spread of monkey pox? A medical expert, Dr. Moses Kalu speaks.

According to Dr. Kalu, monkey pox can be spread through infected cow and monkey or their physics.

Are there lifestyles that people should adopt in order to avoid exposing themselves to these virus?   Dr. Francis Asiegbu speaks.

Dr. Asiegbu advised people to avoid body contact with the animals that spread the virus, ensure good hygiene as well as cook their meat well before consuming them.

Can the virus be cured? Expert Dr. Francis Asiegbu and Dr. Kalu explain.

According to Dr. Asigbu the virus has no known cure for now but only supportive treatment.

All hands must be on deck through observation of high level of hygiene in and around our residences and ensuring clean environment to check the spread of the virus for the good health of all.

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