Tue. Jul 26th, 2022


Pastels are soft, sweet and beautiful.  The best thing about the pastel trend is that you can pick your most flattering colour and wear it with whatever silhouette that flatters or excites you. 

Whether you like buying into trends or prefer to stick with the basics, you need to add pastel to your wardrobe.

Soft hues are a classic staple and are timeless enough that you can wear them year after year.  When styled just right, they’re also super trendy and cool.

From minty green, lilac to sport baby blue, the sky is the limit on how pastel happy you can get.

Here are the four hot ways to wear them now.

1.     Monochrome. 

Choose one colour and stick with it throughout your outfit.

2. Mixed Pastels. Pair a few different pastel colours together for a soft yet bold look.

3.  Wear With Neutrals. Make your pastel piece pop by keeping the rest of your colour palette simple.

 4.  With Brights.  Add a little edge to the softness of the pastel with bright, fun accessories.

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