Tue. Jul 26th, 2022


In this Special Report, our correspondent, Joy Etukudo, takes a look at Child Abuse and its consequences.

Despite the concerted efforts to eradicate Child Abuse, it has remained a re-occurring evil in society.

Abuse could be defined as to treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.

Child abuse could be physical or psychological by a parent or caregiver.  It also includes child trafficking, child labour, sexual initiative, and female genital mutilation, among others.

Children all over the world are being abused by people who regard human beings as commodities to be exploited or traded for profit.  Millions children worldwide are working as domestic workers in people’s homes, in hazardous and sometimes slavery like conditions.

At different times, children at very young ages are being entrusted to an acquaintance or taken from their poor parents all in the name of finding these children jobs or giving them better lives of which they will make promises of sending part of their children’s money or wages to the family to help support their family.

Unknowingly to them their children are being taken to be abused.  And other stories of children lured by promises of schooling.  These jobs given to these innocent children are physically demanding and also mentally harmful.

Chief abuse, indeed is a complex phenomenon with multiple causes.  No single factor can be identified as to why some adults behave abusively towards children.

A Nurse, Mrs. Enwongo Iyip, throws more light on the causes of child abuse.  “Child abuse could be caused by lack of support from parents, stress from work, mental disorder, lack of good parental skills and drug or alcohol abuse and misuse”.

A Child may experience a range of emotional psychological and physical problems as a result of the negative effects of being abused.  These include, low self-esteem, increased fear, guilt and self-blame, mental health disorders such as anxiety, attachment, post-traumatic stress and depression disorders, permanent -physical injuries or death, drug and alcohol abuse and high risk of sexual behavior, among others.

What can be done to eradicate child abuse?

A lawyer, Mr. Mmaduabuchi Odual and a student coach, humanitarian and growth mentor, a member of
Rising Voices Africa, Mr. Daniel Chukwuemeka speak.

Various ways child abuse can be eradicated are; making education compulsory for these children and society.  The use of agent of socialization, like the schools, churches and many more to inform society of the negative effects of child abuse.  Parents should also be informed on the dangers of abuse on children, to avoid re-occurrence.

Some of the ways of eradicating child abuse could be through sensitization for those living in urban areas and sub-urban areas, Education promotion, which makes it easier for people to develop interest in education, it also helps the child know the relevance of education and last, is to involve the government to aid in rapid eradication of child abuse in societies and the country.

Kudos must be given to the International organizations like UNICEF, Several Governments, not forgetting the wife of the State Governor, Dr. Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu for her spirited efforts to eradicate child abuse.

All hands must be on deck to stop this social malady, to give children a more joyful upbringing.

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