Wed. Aug 24th, 2022

Special Announcement

press release

The men, women and youths of umuoram village council of Ohiya-ukwu heartily felicitates with her newly elected leadership, namely:-

1) Chief Ubadire Miller Chioma (Village Head)

2) Mr Obinna Alioha

(Village Council Chairman

3) Mr Akachi Andrew Nwogu

(Vice Chairman)

4) Mr uzochukwu Ekwuribe


5)Mr. Chimezie Enoch (Treasurer)

6)Mr. Kingsley Nwachukwu (Financial Secretary)

7)Mr. Kingsley Nnamdi (Youth Leader)

8)Bro. Ugochukwu Nwachukwu (Youth Secretary)

9)Snr. Prophetess Ngozi Onyemachi (Chairlady-Umuoram women wing)

10)Mrs. Akuoma Israel (Secretary- Women wing).

We appreciate the invaluable contributions and efforts of the Ohiya-ukwu stakeholders in midwifing and conducting a most free, fair and transparent elections that saw to the emergence of these credible individuals to pilot the affairs and leadership of umuoram village of Ohiya-ukwu

Congratulations! to the newly elected leadership

Bravo!! Umuoram village of Ohiya-ukwu

Long live!!! Ohiya-ukwu autonomous community movement


Chief Ikechi Alioha,

Chief Monday O. Onyenkamara,

Pastor Godwin Onyenkamara,

Engr. Agomuo Onyemachi,

Mr. Onyema Chukwu,

Dr. Nweze Ekwuribe,

Sir John U. Onyenkamara,

Mr. Nnamdi Iheoma,

Mr. Uchenna Chukwu,

Mr. Onyemaobi Nwachukwu,

Evang. Ndukwu Onyemachi,

Mr. Innocent Onyemachi,

Mr. Ihueze Iheanyichukwu,

High Chief kelechi Chukwu,

Deacon Uche Ogueru.

For and on behalf of Umuoram Village Council, Ohiya-Ukwu Community.

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