Mon. Sep 19th, 2022


Giving is one of the virtues encouraged in society. In this special report, Blessing Philip, looks at giving as a Christian virtue.

Popular sayings such as “givers never lack, blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh, and the hand of the giver is always on top among others, stress the importance of giving.

According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, giving means to present voluntarily without expecting compensation, it also means to provide someone something voluntarily.

So, giving is an integral part of the human society as seen in the holy books of different religions.

It is a Christian virtue encouraged in Mathew chapter five verses forty-two where Jesus told his disciples to give to those in need, the poor, and even strangers.

In the Christendom, offerings, tithes, thanksgiving services, donations and charity outreaches to mention but a few are different ways of giving.

A Clergy man………throws more light on the virtues of giving as a Christian.

Most people think of giving in monetary terms only but giving indeed can take the form of sacrifice, time, including things like advice and empowerment.

How can one inculcate the habit of giving?

Gamaliel Oko explain how giving consistently no matter how little, helps to build a giving habit.

Giving should not be done with instant reward in the givers heart, but with the sole aim of making a better society, while even the poor in society are also expected to give from their little for open doors for them as the bible clearly states that the gift of a man maketh way for him.

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