Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ndiwo is an Autonomous Community in Itumbuzo Clan in Bende Local Government Area that was created in 2001.

The community shares boundaries with Okopedi Itumbuzo community, Ubibia, Etitiulo Bende, Idima Abam, and Ini local government in Akwa Ibom State.

The people of the area speaks Igbo and Itu languages while their Cultural heritage has affinity with that of their Akwa Ibom neighbors such as Ekpe,Akang and,Okonko cultural society for men folks as well as Ekpei Cultural Dance displayed during their new Yam festival.

As an agrarian community they produces yam, Cocoa, cassava, coconut, plantain and banana in commercial quantity.

In a chat with bca Community news crew, a community leader in the area Chief C.J. Dogo Commended Government for constructing a water borehole in their Community and the building of classroom blocks at Ndiwo Community Primary School.

The community leader  chief Dogo said that through the help of their women  and Government they have constructed a Solar Energy Street lights and engaged ad-hoc teachers at their Ndiwo Itumbuzo Comprehensive Secondary School for effective and efficient teaching and learning in the area.

He however appealed for the completion of their Bende Itumbuzo road for easy evacuation of their farm products to the urban cities.

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