Wed. Jul 27th, 2022



04.48        Drum Signal

05.00        Opening Formalities

05.15        Weekend Sports

05:55        Memory Lane

06.00        News Digest

06.05        Free play

06.30        News / Commentary

07.00        FRCN News

07:15        Newspaper Headlines 7:15-8AM

08:00         News Digest

08.05        Oche Ochichi

08:30        Surugede

09.00        Akuko Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

09.45        Free Play

10.00         News Digest

10:05       The Platform

11.00        News Digest

11.05        Ever New

11:30         Vision link (Sponsored)

12.00        News Digest

12.05        Public Arena

1.00        World News/Commentary

1.30        Free Play

2.00        News Digest

2.05        Let” Share

2:30        Now Sound

3.00        News Digest

3:05        Your Health

3.30         The Kitchen

4.00         FRCN News

4.30        Box Show (sponsored)

5.00        News Digest

5.05         Wedding Bells (commercial)

6.00         News/Commentary

6.30         Chat with Mila/Wedding Bell.

7.05         Wedding Bell (Commercials)

7.30         ½ Hour of Possibilities

8.00         Akuko Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

8.30         Heritage Gospel ½ Hour

9:00         News/Commentary

9.30         Zion Train on Culture

10.00       FRCN News

10.30       Free Play

11.00       News Digest

11.05       Closing Ranks

1.55         Closing formalities

12.00         Close Down



A 45 minute programme that features headlines of the National Dailies. It’s aimed at placing the Station among the first electronic media to serve it hot that early morning.

MEMORY LANE – 5:55am

A 5 minute programme that goes down memory lane to capture events that happened years back on a particular day-very good for History and Political Science Scholars.


A musical presentation in Igbo meant for the morning enjoyment and relaxation of our Igbo audience spiced with jokes and tit-bits, it is the Igbo replica of 88 at dawn.

MY CHOICE – 9:30 – 10:00PM

A produced programme that will feature individuals who tell people of what influence their choice of career, message, course of study or association etc.

EVER NEW – 11:05 – 11:30AM

A programme that parades music of the 70”s and 80s.  The programme is to be presented after a research work by the presenter.

LET’S SHARE: 2:05-2:30                           

A phone in programme in which letters are read out and solutions proffered to some nagging issues sent in by the audience. The audience also phone in to proffer solutions to the issues raised.

NOW SOUND – 2:30-3:00PM

A commercial programme that showcase latest songs in the market and their artists.  It’s targeted at marketing the artistes and their new songs.


Menu, kitchen education, etiquette manners  dos and don’ts, how to prepare different types of meal.


It is a commercial programme presented live meant for people who are celebrating their traditional and white wedding ceremonies and wedding anniversaries.

JUNIOR WORLD: 6.30pm- 7.00pm: This is a Children magazine programme targeted to children in the age bracket of 1-15 years that feature short stories, plays, music, crafts, jokes, recitations, including their choice of clothes, food and reasons for their choice. Other items may be discussions, debates etc.


 A phone-in programme where participants call in to talk about or confess of any offence they may have committed against someone.  The programme offers them the opportunity to apologize to such person on air.