Tue. Jul 26th, 2022



4.58       Drum signal

5.00       Opening Formalities & Prayer

5.20       Daybreak Cruise

5:50       Free Play

5:55        Memory Lane

6.00       News Digest

6.05       PSA/Commercials

6.30       News/Commentary

7.00       FRCN News

7:15       Newspaper Headlines

8.00       News Digest

8.05       Executive Diary

8.45       Oche Ochichi

9.00       Akuko Uwa/ Okwu N’eso Akuko

9.30       Ekele Umuibe (Commercial)

10.00      ews Digest

10.05       Kam kwuo (Phone-in)

11.00       News Digest

11.05       ASOPADEC File English (Sponsored)

11.30       Tomy Tomy Time

12.00       News Digest

12.05       Public Arena

1.00         World News/Commentary

1.30         Free Play

1.45        Short story

2.00         News Digest

2.05         Brain Teaser

3.00          News Digest

3.05        Schools Quiz

3.30         Isiyi Nke Ndu (Sponsored)

4.00         FRCN News

4.30         Free Play

5.00         News Digest

5.05         Free Play

5.30         Afo Di Nkpa

6.00         BCA  News/ Commentary

6.30         News Conference

7.05         Free Play

7.30         Present Truth Broadcast (Sponsored)

8.00         Akuko Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

8.30         Nti Nara Rie

9.00         News/Commentary

9.30         Ilu Igbo

9:45        Free Play

10.00        FRCN News

10.30        Free Play

11.00        News Digest

11.05        Bedtime Serenade

11.55        Closing Formalities

12.00          Close Down


DAY BREAK CRUISE 5.20am – 8.45am

A multi segmented early morning programme  that accommodates a variety of issues – music, personality interview, social life of the high and low level class etc. a mixed bag to spice up the week.


(Everyday of the week)

A 45 minutes programme that features headlines of the National Dailies.  It’s aimed at placing the Station among the first electronic media to serve it hot that early morning

MEMORY LANE 5:55am – (Everyday of the Week)

A 5 minute programme that goes down Memory lane to capture events that happened years back on a particular day – very good for history and political science scholars.

EXECUTIVE DIARY:   7.45 – 8.00am


This is a fifteen minute programme that comes up three times a week in English and twice a week in Igbo, with repeats, aimed at sensitizing the public on government programmes and activities.

KAM KWUO:10.05 – 11.00am:

 A phone in programme in Igbo in which a selected topic is floated and the listening audience is required to phone in to contribute their views on the topic. A knowledgeable guest is usually in attendance.

BRAIN TEASER:   2.05-3.00pm

Phone-in Current Affairs, Quiz programme accommodating both local and foreign issues.



SCHOOL’S QUIZ: 3.30 – 4.00pm

A programme that features different schools in an academic contest. It is one avenue of fulfilling our charge of informing, educating and entertaining, especially the youths.

NEWS CONFERENCE  6:30 – 7.00pm

This is a 30 minute Radio Programme designed to discuss/highlight topical socio-economic and Political Issues and other Public interest issues as well as explain government’s programmes, policies and action plans.

 NTI NARA RIE 8.30 – 9.00p.m.

The programme is a light entertainment, culture based programme, featuring folk-tales, moonlight plays and stories. It is often blended with real life events on moonlight setting. It also educates and informs in the nuances of Igbo folklore.


(Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Tunes that fit and suit the hour will be featured.  The DCA/Presenter dictates the tunes of the moment.