Wed. Jul 27th, 2022



04.58        Drum Signal

05.00        Opening Formalities

05.15        88-At-Dawn

05:55        Memory Lane

06.00        News Digest

06.05        PSA/Commercials

06.30        News/ Commentary

07.00        FRCN News

07:15         Newspaper Headlines

07.45        Free Play

08.00        News Digest

08.05        Assembly in Action

08.30        ½ Hour of Help (Sponsored)

09.00        Akuko  Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

09.30        Zion Train on Culture

10.00        News Digests

10.05        Osinachi

11.00        News Digest

11.30        WDS

12.00        News Digest

12.05         Public Arena

1.00          World News/Commentary

1.30          Think Abia

2.00          News Digest

2.05          From Me To You (Commercial)

2:45          Radio Drama

3.00          News Digest

3.05           Back to Bethel (Sponsored)

3:30          Eqwu Alanyi

4.00          FRCN News

4.30          Wisdom And Deeper Sense (sponsored)

5.00          News Digest

5.05          Talk Back

6.00          News/Commentary

6.30          Ezinulo

7:00          Free Play

7.30          ½ Hour of Consolation (Sponsored)

8.00          Akuko Uwa/Okwu n’eso Akuko

8.30          Free Play

9.30          Inyom Ezuo

10.00        FRCN News

10.30        Free Play

11.00        News Digest

11.05        Naija Beats

11.55        Closing Formalities

12.00        Closing Down



minutes prog that features headlines of the National Dailies.  It’s aimed at placing the Station among the first electronic media to serve it hot that early morning.


A 5 minutes programe that goes down memory lane to captures events that happened years back on a particular day –very good for History and Political Science Scholars.

INYOM EZUO:  9.30pm – 10.00pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A programme that looks into family life, the kind of food to cook and general ways to make everybody in the family happy. Also show cases fashion, child upbringing methods and the kind of company family members should keep.

TALK BACK : 5:05 -5:30Pm

A feedback focus – which affords listeners the opportunity of writing or texting to register their impression on BCA programmes and operations.  It also accommodates listener’s suggestions. It serves as one of the Station’s research tool.

EGWU ALA ANYI – 5:30 – 5:45pm

A music programme that parades traditional/cultural tunes in and outside the State, though more of Abia Cultural tunes are to be featuredby the Igbo presenter.

BCA DRAMA – 2:45-3:00PM

Purely entertainment programme of general interest

EZI – NA ULO – 6:30Pm:

This programme educates the public through discussion on subjects that are relevant to the home and family members.  The programme also focuses on the family and patterns of family life in a selected Igbo society with the aim of maintaining peace and unity..