Wed. Jul 27th, 2022


TIME        PROGRAMME         

06:30        Opening Formalities

06:45        Aerobics

07;00        NTA News/Newspaper Headlines

08:05        Newspaper Headlines

10.00        Thursday Treat

11:00        Ohaneze Ndigbo

11.30        Vision Link  (Sponsored)

12.00        News at Noon

12.20        Akuko Uwa

12.30        Talk Your Own, We The People (Ex)

01:00        The Legislator Explains

01:30        Exaltation Time

02.00        Public Arena                      

03.30        Documentary          

04:00        Students’ Opinion

04.30        Musicals

05.00        News in Brief

05.03        Nchikota Akuko

05.05        Musicals

05.30        The Farmer

06.00        Pastor Chris (Sponsored)

06.30        Jesus Fire Ministry (Sponsored)

07.00        BCA Major News

07.30        Akuko Uwa /Commercials

08.00        Lord Lead Me On (Sponsored)

08.30        Hour of So Much Grace

09.00        NTA Network News

10.00        Zion Train on Culture

11.55        News Summary

11.58        Closing Formalities  

12.00        Close Down



This programme talks about individual’s cultural rights as embedded in our society.  It aims at educating the viewers on the cultural, traditional and tropical issues. The programme is moderated by a producer or presenter as the case may be with a panel of three or four participants. It is purely a discussion programme in Igbo language. 

PUBLIC ARENA:   .2.00pm. – 3pm.  This is a panel discussion programme that examines burning political, social and cultural issues eg:

(i) Environmental issues

(ii) Health and health related matters

(iii) Education Commerce, Economics,  Business, Politics, Energy etc.                                                                                                  

INYOM – 05:05 – 5:30PM:

This is an interactive discussion programme that features women, focusing on the world of women, exploring achievements, problems and challenges of womenfolk. This is with a view to encouraging them towards more active role in our socio-political settings especially now that women are expected to participate fully in politics and governance.  The language is Igbo in line with the demand for us to recognize our roots in our programmes.

THE FARMER: 5.30 – 6.00pm.

A thirty minutes programme focusing on different farmers. Farmers on crops, animal husbandry, fisheries etc. It also x-rays the activities of the State government on agriculture, eg: World food day, agricultural exhibitions etc.


 The legislator Explains is a thirty minutes programme designed to promote a robust communication between legislators, their constituents and the public.  It is further aimed at offering the legislator the opportunity to explain bills, resolutions and even matters of urgent importance of the house.