Tue. Jul 26th, 2022



04.58        Drum Signal

05.00        Opening Formalities & Prayer

05.20        Unu Abọọla Chi

05:55         Memory Lane

06.00        News Digest

06.05        Free Play

06.30        News / Commentary

07.00        FRCN News

07:15        Newspaper Headlines

08.00        News Digest

08.05        Oyorima

09.00        Akuko Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

09:45         Abia Health This Week

10.00         News Digest

10.05        Kota Sign

11.00        News Digest

11.05        Heart to Heart (Commercial)

12.00        News Digest

12.05        Public Arena

1.00         World News/Commentary

1:30        Free Play

2.00        News Digest

2.05        Entertainment Circuit (Sponsored)

2.30        Living Spring Time (Sponsored)

3.00        News Digest

3.05        Corpers Corner

3.30        Wind From Heaven (Sponsored)

4.00        FRCN News

4.30        Story Story

5.00        News Digest

5.05        Men’s Round Table

5.30        Echiche Umuaka

6.00        News/Commentary

6.30        Youth Panorama

7.30        Ugbo Ndi Oma

8.00        Akuko Uwa/Okwu N’eso Akuko

8.30        Ogwu Echiche (Sponsored)

9.00        News/Commentary

9.30        Free Play

10.00      FRCN News

10.30      Free Play

11.00      News Digest

11.05      Bedtime Serenade

11.55      Closing Formalities

12.00      Close down


nu Abọọla Chi – 5.20 – 6am

Igbo Morning wake up chit-chat show-dual Presentation.


(Monday – Saturday)

A 45 minute programme that features headlines of the National Dailies.  It’s aimed at placing the Station among the first electronic media to serve it hot that early morning.


A 45 minute programme that goes down memory lane  to capture events that happened years back on a particular day-very good for History and political science scholars.

 OYORIMA –  8.05 – 9.00am

Broadcasters by their different functions, stimulate the conscience of society. Oyorima – a social critic programme through the seeing eyes of Onyokomita spots out un-becoming aspects of society for correction while commending the complementary ones. Indeed it acts as the mirror of soc

HEART TO HEART: 10.05  – 10.30 A.M.

 A request programme that embodies good wishes to friends, relations etc. from the sender. It incorporates lovely chit chats and songs.

 IGBO GA-ADI:-  This is a one hour programm that ex-rays Igbo tradition and culture.  It features discussion, question and answer segments based on our tradition and culture.  Cultural tunes come up intermittently to spice up the programme.


Tunes that fit and suit the hour will be featured.  The DCA/Presenter dictates the tunes of the moment.

YOUTH PANORAMA6.30 : 7.00pm

A magazine programme aimed at sensitizing the youths on topics, issues, assessing their views and proffering solutions to youth oriented problems and situations.