Wed. Jul 27th, 2022



06:30    Opening Formalities

06:45    Aerobics

07:00    NTA News/Newspaper Headlines

08:00    News Digest

08:05    Newspaper Headlines

10.00    Tuesday Mixed Bag

11:00    Documentary

12.00    News at Noon

12:20    Akuko Uwa

12:30    Truth of the Matter

01:00    Iyom

01:30    NYSC Today

02:00    Musical 

02:30    Discovery

03:00    700 Club

03:30    Ogbako Umuaka

04:00    Documentary

05:00   News in Brief

05.03    Nchikota Akuko

05.05    People’s Health

05:30    Pastor Chris (Sponsored)

06.00     Special Interview

06:30    In My Closet (Sponsored)

07:00    BCA Major News            

07.30    Akuko Uwa                             

08:00    End Time Restoration (Sponsored).

08:30    Kingdom ½ Hour (Sponsored)

09:00    NTA Network News

10:00    Zion Train on Culture

11.00     Film

11:55    Closing Formalities

1200     Close Down


DISCOVERY 11 – 11:30:

A 30 minutes programme aimed at exposing fake products and their secret to the masses, to reduce risk and untimely deaths. It comprises interview segment with experts in that field, accompanied with musicals.

MAN AND SOCIETY  11:30 – 12Noon

It is a magazine Show that will discuss man and its impact on the society. It will treat socio-cultural values events and life in both urban and rural ettings.  It aims at promoting sound and viable society.

TRUTH OF THE MATTER – 12:30 – 01:00PM

Truth of the matter inquires from guest the truth on a wide range of current issues that borders on education, health, science and technology, religion and government etc.  The viewer will be adequately informed on a given topical issue on what is and what is not.  It is expected to be one on one programme and direct discussion for 30 minutes.

OGBAKO UMUAKA:4:30 – 5:00pm.

 Ogbako Umuaka is Children programme. It discusses children related issues through various songs, moonlight games, News, Recitation, Riddles,  Drama, Debate, Callistenics and Cultural Dance from Children Organisations and Schools. Duration is 30 minutes and it is presented in Igbo Language.



This is a 30 minute didactic programme, that creates health awareness in the viewers. It is a health education programme that helps the public to be conscious of good-health.